The Philippine Flag’s 9th ray?

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Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon revealed that a 9th ray will soon be included in the previous 8 rays of the Philippine Flag. Senator Dick said that the 9th ray will serve as a recognition for  the bold deeds of our fellow Muslim brothers. Senate Bill (SB) 3307 together with House Bill 6424 will amend Republic Act No. 849 or “An Act Prescribing the Code of the National Flag, Anthem, Motto, Coat-of-Arms and Other Heraldic Items and Devices of the Philippines”.

The additional ray, the senator added, will foster “greater unity” among Filipinos regardless of religion. As we recall, the sun and the 3 stars in our Philippine flag are not there because they look “good” nor attractive. The 3 stars symbolizes Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (geographical divisions) while the 8 rays of the sun symbolizes the 8 provinces that revolted against the Spanish Regime. In all honesty, we can’t imagine how would the inclusion of the 9th ray would actually fit. The symmetry doesn’t look good and the symbolism will neither fit as well.

The National Historical Institute opposed the idea, but the tenacious Senator firmly said that

I don’t care what they think about it. Once it is signed, they should follow the law.

Alright, Senator “Dick” has a point there, but what will happen to the historical meaning of our flag? The Philippine flag was designed because it symbolizes something (important) and if you are going to add “something else”…. out of nowhere then that “symbolism” will be literally “trashed”.


We are sure, even with the additional ray on the flag, the Philippines’ status quo will not change. There are many ways the government can recognize achievements of our Muslim brothers as well as the past Muslim heroes. It is correct that they should be recognized and properly awarded.  But to change the “MAIN” symbol of our country is simply illogical. We honestly think it’s just unpatriotic.

If this law will be signed and the New flag will be raised for the first time, what do you think our past fallen heroes would feel? Can you imagine the Philippine flag’s sun with 9 rays? What will it probably look like? No idea? See below. Tadaah!

Phil flag Isn’t it UGLY? It doesn’t look right and Dick’s ugly head would always pop in your head. You’ll always think this is Dick’s Ray whenever the “revised” Philippine flag will be raised. We never heard that word before, “Revised” Flag, Have you?

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13 Responses for “The Philippine Flag’s 9th ray?”

  1. caela says:

    The 8 provinces take pride for their place in Philippine history and our role in Philippine independence as these 8 provinces also represents all others who took part in the fight for our independence. That said, add a religion seem out of place. More than that we have to respect the original intent of the sun in the flag. The sun is a symbol used by many former Spanish colonies and it is specifically symmetrical.

    The fathers of this republic designed the flag with love and dedication to the Philippine nation and its people. And this right have been paid with blood by the fallen heroes of their generation. And to change it without thought and regard to those who dedicated their blood, life, hope and dreams to this nation just to score some political points from a select group of people is simply disgusting!

  2. wawell osorio says:

    am glad pinoytutorial has opened up this discussion on the ninth ray. as i have
    suggested to those similarly wrestling with the issue now, do google a sun for
    all the people and add the ninth ray to the philippine flag. your perflexity will find
    some answer and there will be a sounder discussion instead of just
    floundering on hoary lessons of inadequate historical frameworks
    wawell osorio

  3. ako_si_gundam says:

    Tsong, paggamit ng watawat mo, ha?

    I'll give due credit.

  4. general_tiu says:

    Atsaka, ba't may 9th ray para sa Mindanao? Di ba ang isang bituin sa ating watawat eh kumakatawan sa Mindanao? Ang labo.

    Dapat i-referendum ito.

  5. It's clearly has political motive in it.

    Thanks for the comment.

  6. eufems says:

    Pagamit po ng 'Dick Flag' dito ko po nilagay:

    if only i mastered photoshop i would have edited the flag posted in to add the INC tricolour…

    i think there's no need to worry when it comes to the flag. the government, i think, would be considerate enough to defer the implementation of this revision to allow funds to flow to ondoy-pepeng victims

    and yes, if they're turning into nine, better add another for the igorots…

  7. Sure.

    You have a nice collection of flags there. =)

  8. mafia says:

    can you see what are the positve of this amendments or are they all negative?

  9. MetungKP says:

    If they do add the 9th ray to represent our muslim brother’s heroism, as someone already pointed out, then a 10th ray should be considered to represet our Mountain Brothers, Aetas and Igorots. For, truely, it was their land we took. I do oppose the change though. If we really want to represent our “Filipinoness”, then most Pinoys in the mainsteam should first look with in themselves. To this date, Real Pinoys (Pandak and Pango at maitim) are nothing but a commedic act to Pinoys in the mainstream. Who does Tito, Vic And Joey and Willie R. base most of their funny acts? Sa manga maitim at pandak na Pinoys. I say add the 9 Ray to represent the Real Pinoys! These are the Batumbakal, Yabut, Manlili, Pulako, just to name a few surnames we should be honoring for it was they’re land before it was ours.

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