The search for Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 is ON!

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Miss Plastic Surgery

At first we thought that this is just another beauty contest with dazzling beauties competing on the stage. Care to look what it really is?

The First Miss Plastic beauty pageant

The most obvious thing (different) you’ll notice is the word “Plastic” you may  ask, “why do they have to include this? The beauty pageant is the First in the world to cast candidates who had plastic surgery procedures on their bodies.

A total of 18 women, ages 19-38, will compete for the title. One major requirement for each is that they should have undergone either a breast implant, nose job or facelifts. The coronation night will be held on October 9, 2009 and the winner will receive a wonderful apartment as her prize.

Why Hungary?

Hungary isn’t the best place to hold such kind of novelty beauty pageant. In fact, plastic surgery is not very much welcome in this European country. The main objective of the pageant is to show that plastic surgery is not a work of the “devil” but to display symmetry and oneness of beauty and soul. And to a country where majority of women hold prejudice on such beauty enhancements, Hungary is a good place to start this campaign.

The goal is not to show oversized breasts, bulging lips and scary noses. Miss Plastic Hungary candidates aim to raise awareness that beauty procedures can be natural and tasteful. And that a perfect beauty can be more perfect with a “little help”.

Want to see the candidates?

The website for Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 were supported by a lot of online visitors. You can pay them a visit, log in and vote for your favorite candidates. Here are the pictures for the first ever Miss Plastic Hungary 2009.

We arranged them according to the number of votes casted. Enjoy!

1. Agi Szalontai 2. Ivonn Praznovsky 3. Nikolett Bognar
4. Alexandra Horvath 5. Edit Czegledi 6. Nora Laszlo
7. Joanna Petkova 8. Edina Kulcsar 9. Helga Geszti
10. Adrienne Kelemen 11. Timea Torok 12. Reka Urban
13. Agnes Szucs 14. Franciska Cser 15. Gitta Szoke
16. Szilvi Sonyak 17. Eliza Nagy 18. Ildiko Pasztor

(source: miss plastic hungary)


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