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The Town is starred, directed and co-written by Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck has done all three before but never all at once in the same movie. If it was difficult for him, it does not show at all. He gives a great performance and the movie is very detailed.


The Town may seem like most criminal/robber themed movies. In this movie however, the culprit does not want to participate in the last big heist. In the opening scene, Doug McRay (Affleck) and his gang of delinquents rob a Boston bank. If crime based shows are a hobby, this is a fantastic movie to watch. Doug McRay and company bleach the scene of the crime before exiting to remove all traces of DNA. Just to make sure that they are not followed, they grab a female hostage and allow her to go free just a few blocks away from the bank.

However, McRay is not comfortable that they let the said hostage go after the robbery. He is unsure about how much information she heard. The following day, he follows her and pretends to bump into her. The hostage, Claire who is played by Rebecca Hall tells McRay about the robbery. The two became close and it becomes more and more difficult for McRay to remember that he is only making contact with Claire for damage control.

The movie is jam-packed with action and chase scenes along with the not so traditional love story. Ben Affleck chose an excellent comeback film. He has not written or directed since his 2007 movie Gone Baby Gone.


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