This is It Guitarist Orianthi Takes the Pop-Rock Stage

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We are seeing another pop-rock sensation in Orianthi. “According to you” has the angst in the lyrics and rock vibe from Orianthi’s guitar. It only needs for you to play it once to get it repeating in your head the entire day. Once again a song that channels out bitterness in a relationship. We have been hearing the same theme more often now in the pop-rock channels. A material of this sort has been effective to make an artist hit the chart if blended with the catchy lyrics, electric rock voice, vamp face and fashion that kicks.

There is no escaping of her possible comparison to the guitar-playing hit like Avril Lavigne, femme rock Pink, and even to the blonde awesome look of Taylor Swift. Orianthi is another talent that different classes of music enthusiast could possibly tolerate and even patronize. Not to forget that she has the indelible mark from the late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Her debut performance on the American Idol has rung loud which is starting to accumulate hits in Youtube and the curiosity of the public on who Orianthi is, pulsates the search trend like her electric guitar.


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