Tiger Woods Car Crash Accident: He is on a good condition now

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One of the world’s greatest golfer Tiger Woods was seriously injured today (2:25am)  on a car-accident involing his SUV crashing into a fire-hydrant and a tree near his mansion in Isleworth, California.

tiger woods accident

According to Orlando Sentinel, Woods’ wife (Ellen Nordegren) used a golf club to smash a window of her husband’s Cadillac Escalade and get him out of the SUV.  One of the reporter Mark Bruhn said, “Woods had cuts on his lips and blood in his mouth” Officers applied Woods first aid until medical personnel arrived. Information is not yet disclosed if Woods was wearing a seatbelt during the time of the accident.

tiger woods mansion

Woods was transported to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee in serious condition, FHP said.

FHP spokesman Jorge Delahoz said patients’ conditions are always classified as “serious” if they are transported to a hospital.

Woods’ Web site, TigerWoods.com, said the golfer was treated and released and was in good condition.

“We appreciate very much everyone’s thoughts and well wishes,” the site said.

Here’s the video of the said report:

Twitter Power: The news spread like a wildfire in the internet, with the use of Twitter. After 30 minutes, CNN tweeted the news and with that “140 character” message.

twitter cnn

(CNN) — Golfer Tiger Woods was injured in a car accident near his home, Florida officials say.

And it all makes the difference. Here’s the reaction of  the tens of thousands of people using their Twitter to propagate the news.

twitter reactions on tiger woods accident


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