Tim Profitt, Rand Paul’s Supporter, Stomped A MoveOn Activist’s Head!

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Who would have thought that there’s still somebody who would do this to a fellow human, especially on election campaign period? A Rand Paul supporter was reported to have stepped on the head of a MoveOn activist, and it’s nasty.

Tim Profitt, not only a volunteer but also a campaign donor, had reportedly admitted of stepping on the head of MoveOn activist Lauren Valle last Monday on a Senate debate. He actually apologized for the incident and was just doing his job to make sure Rand was safe. But he also blamed the police for not doing their job on “crowd control”. He also argued that there are other supporters who had warned about Valle before and yet police did not take it seriously.

Lauren Valle, on the other hand, was traumatized and did not know what to do when the incident happened. She felt that the way the Paul supporters treated her was “premeditated”. Valle said she was “surrounded […]there was five of them. They motioned to each other and got behind me”. She also said in her statement that they pursued her around Paul’s car and when they reached her, took her down, twisted her arms at her back and somebody stepped on her head, which is reportedly Profitt. It was a good thing her partner, Alex, was there to stop Paul’s supporters from assaulting her more and helped her get up. Had she been alone, she would not know how she was going to get out of that incident.

Valle filed an assault complaint after the police questioned her. As of this writing, the police investigators are taking on the case forward to the court.

As for Profitt, he is “currently being served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear before a Fayette County District Court Judge” according to the spokesman of the Lexington Police Department. It was also reported that the Rand’s campaign fired him today as a coordinator of Bourbon County.

Despite the apology and the firing, I can’t help but get furious at what happened. These politicians and their supporters are there to set a good example to the people and to assure their safety. But with what Profitt did, even I can’t sure my safety with them anymore. Yes, he was doing that for the safety of Rand, but he stomped a foot on a person’s head—and worse, on a girl’s head. You call yourself a gentleman? And he blames the police for all that’s happened. You actually don’t know what is running through the heads of these people sometimes. This does not give him an excuse for the brutal thing that he had done and it’s only just right for Lauren Valle to file a case against him. Maybe this time, Profitt will learn to be a gentleman.


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