Toddler Died After Falling 50ft From Luxury Suite During Lakers Game

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A two-year-old boy fell 50 feet from the luxury suite in Staples Center on Sunday during a Lakers game, moments after parents took a picture with him.

Lucas Anthony Tang fell on a row of seats below and suffered head injuries when he managed to get past a clear safety barrier while his parents were distracted on looking at digital photographs. Before paramedics put him in the ambulance, he was still moving his arms, legs and head. But after a few hours, he died in the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.

According to Officer Julie Sohn, the boy went over the edge while the parents lost track of him because of looking over photographs. The parents and the boy’s 11-year-old sister didn’t immediately realize what happened and frantically began looking for him when they saw that he was gone. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating the incident, but gave no other details about the family and what they have to say.

In terms of the structure itself, the building requirements were met according to Michael Roth, spokesman for staples and owner of AEG. “In 11 years, we’ve never had an incident like this.” They are conducting their own investigation as well on the incident and Roth offers prayers and condolences to the family

The Staples Center in Los Angeles is 950,000 square foot stadium that opened in 1999 and has 160 luxury suites on three levels. In case people don’t know, the luxury suites of Staples Center have tiers of seats that were fronted by concrete walls. On top of these walls was glass barriers that vary in height, but its lowest point is that of the height of an adult waist.

Lucas fell right after the Los Angeles Lakers won against the Golden State Warriors with a score of 117-89. After hearing about the tragedy, Lakers issued a statement expressing their sadness and shock.

To go from a moment of happiness and enjoyment, to the loss of this boy’s life, is tragic and heartbreaking. We would like to ask Lakers fans to join us in keeping Lucas and his family in our thoughts and prayers,

Here’s a YouTube video of the Lakers’ team comments on the incident courtesy of Los Angeles Times:

For me, this is a case of negligence and carelessness of the parents and their 11-year-old daughter who should’ve been there to watch over Lucas. Since the parents were looking over at the photos, the older sister should have kept watch her younger brother. It was her responsibility as an older sibling. The parents too should have been responsible by carrying their son while they were looking over the photographs. There were a lot of ways this incident could’ve been avoided. I hope this serves as a lesson for parents and older siblings to look after the younger kids in order to avoid tragedies such as this.



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