Tom Brady In A Vehicular Accident!

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NFL star player Tom Brady recently had a vehicular accident Thursday morning in a Boston intersection of which he escaped unscathed. The New England Patriots quarterback was said to have had his Audi sedan damaged by lodging itself into a Mercury minivan. Although it is still unknown who is at fault, initial outlook of the accident shows that the Audi struck the minivan due to the fact that the minivan was beating a red light.

Witnesses say they heard a violent crash at around 6 am Thursday morning which made them get off to look and ask for help. Onlookers saw that Brady’s sedan was crossing the intersection on a green light when he struck the Mercury minivan. A passenger inside the minivan was seriously injured and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital.

Brady, 33, is a superstar quarterback, having earned stardom by playing in four Superbowls and winning three of them. He is also in the NFL all-times list with 14 records in his name. He is currently married to Giselle Bundchen, 30, the Brazilian supermodel and father to a son, Benjamin Rein.

Hours after the accident, he proceeded to his usual scheduled practice with his team. NFL season begins the weekend after Labor Day.


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