Tony Alamo Controversy

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Religion is supposed to make people good inside. But what it does to Tony Alamo and his victims is not the same way. Tony Alamo is a 75 year old Evangelical preacher and minister of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries.

October 22, 2008, Alamo’s former followeres testified in court that he has taken a nine-year-old girl as his wife and practices polygamy. Alamo’s former followers testified in court during a preliminary hearing that Alamo had. On December 2, eight new charges were made against Alamo and another two for taking two girls as sex slaves. On July 24, 2009, he was found guilty of ten cases.

On July 28, 2009, Tony Alamo again came to the press saying he’s “just another one of the prophets that went to jail for the Gospel”. He was sentenced to 175 years in prison on November 13, 2009.

On Wednesday, May 26th, during the Oprah Show, four women that were victimized by Tony Alamo’s indescency talked about his mischievousness and their being sexually abused. The women were Jeanne, Amy, Nikki and Desiree who were now aged 31, 26, 26 and 18 respectively. These women were called “spiritual wives” of Tony Alamo in Texarkana, Arkansas back in the 1990’s.



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  1. Allexus says:

    Pastor Tony Alamo is not guilty, yet they still convicted him.

    From Tony Alamo
    July 17, 2009
    Regarding Government-Vatican Persecution vs. Tony Alamo

    It is a violation of the US Constitution for the government to attack any religion, especially Christianity!! My trial is government vs. the Bible. The five young women who are falsely testifying against me have all been convinced to do so by the FBI.

    The FBI paid all of their tuition to go to a place called Wellspring, which is a “deprogramming center.” Deprogramming is a nice word for hypnosis, brainwashing, mind-control, voodoo, black magic. Their testimony is not to be believed because it is not true, and they are not in their right mind. They are under a hateful spell of witchcraft. They (in court) have all said that I, Tony Alamo, said, “The Lord said you are to marry me.” This is all a lie. I never told that to any one of them. Their testimonies cannot be believed because they are all uniformly brainwashed. They (the young women) never contacted the FBI; the FBI contacted every one of them and gave them thousands of dollars and many gifts to lie for them. The FBI is against the Bible, Christianity, God, and all Christian churches.

    The legal age of marriage is puberty. Webster’s Dictionary states childhood is the “state or time of being a child; state or time from birth or infancy to puberty or maturity.” Webster’s definition of puberty is “the age when one becomes capable to bear children, which is marked by maturing of the reproductive organs, with the onset of menstruation in the female; the period at which sexual maturity is reached.” The Bible says this as well.

    God’s Word, the Bible, never condemns a man for having more than one wife!

    Remember how they murdered, burnt up, the Christians at Waco, Texas! They are demonic. Witnesses for the FBI and all those they have paid to go to Wellspring are all saying the same thing, what they are told to say.

    Catholic Sex Abuse and Cruelties Worldwide

    read: The Jesuit Oath

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