Tony Parker Cheats on wife, Eva Longoria–Divorce on the way!

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After seven years of being together and having a three-year marriage, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are getting a divorce after Eva discovered that his husband had been exchanging hundreds of text to a woman that she did not know. The bad thing about it was, the texts contained flirtatious messages that might confirm that Tony was in a sexting relationship with someone.

The former San Antonio Spurs player, on the other hand, said that yes he admits having a sexting relationship but he never had any physical relationships with other women. At first, there were a lot of speculations as to who the alleged woman is as it was narrowed down to wives of Tony’s former team mates. One of the considered women is Teresa Lourenco since she is very beautiful.

But after a few days, it was revealed that the alleged “sexting mate” of Tony was Erin Barry, wife of his former team mate Brent Barry. Tony and Brent were good friends as the couples spent New Year’s Eve before in the Longoria household, but nobody knew there was something going on between Tony and Erin. It was reported by Celebuzz that the two were having innocent exchanges because they confided with each other for support as their marriages were beginning to fail.

And then it began to become a bit sensual. According to one source, “They knew each other, sent each other messages. It was flirtatious, but he (Tony) never did anything to her (Erin).”

Brent and Erin, on the other hand, are also getting the divorce and have filed it last October 29.

On the side of Eva, she is devastated as she told to her good friend Mario Lopez. “She wants us all to know that. But she’s strong.” The actress already filed the papers in an L.A. County Superior Court and is seeking spousal support, as well as cited “irreconcilable differences”. She also mentioned that this was not the first time there was infidelity as Tony cheated on her in the early stage of their marriage with another woman. They married on July 2007

And yes, she is heartbroken. I mean who wouldn’t? She wanted to have a large family with Tony, he is everything to her and wanted to have a future with him. Her family is very important to her, as she said to Lopez on “Extra” and that she was hoping that she and Tony would grow old together. But now, that will never happen.

Poor Eva—she really must be so devastated by the betrayal and the best the media can do is to give her privacy for awhile. She needs time to think about what happened, and hopefully, she will becomes better.

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