Topeka Google: Google on April Fool’s Day

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We’ve been expecting a creative doodle from Google (as always) during April Fool’s day. We know Big G won’t disappoint little boys and girls hoping to see a new logo upon opening the popular web search engine. Lo and behold Google is changed to Topeka? What the heck is that? Perhaps we need to Goo… Topeka it out!

Topeka is a valid word and it literally means “to dig good potatoes” among Americans. It also refers to the capital city of Kansas which is quite famous for changing its city’s name every now and then. In 1998, the Mayor of Topeka announced that the city will be renamed “Topikachu” in honor of cute electric pokemon Pikachu.

Now, the current city Mayor of Topeka announced that Topeka will be named “Google, Kansas, the capital city of fiber optics” temporarily for a month (starting March 1). The move was to support Google’s fiber optic experiment operations in the city. This will hopefully bring broadband web connection of up to 1Gigabit to the city.

In return to such “honor” Google announced that it will change it’s name to Topeka, for 1 day on April 1. The time couldn’t be better since it fell on April Fool’s Day! Millions of people must have reacted to the name switch. Good move Big G! Even Google’s official blogspot has responded to the call by presenting an interesting chart showing the proper use of Topeka in a sentence.

Not sure, if Topeka Google April Fool’s day joke will be included in the hall of fame for the best All fools day jokes of all time. But the sure thing is, “Topeka” will be remembered even by those who are not native of Kansas.


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