Tornado in Brooklyn, New York Killed One Person

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In an unprecedented meteorological condition, a storm recently hit Brooklyn, New York. Before it happened, the U.S. National Weather Service already alerted the people of New York of an impending storm. A tornado alert was also announced due to the fact that the storm, with wind speeds of ranging from 60 to 100 miles per hour, is also producing thunderstorms wherein tornadoes are usually created. Though unconfirmed, some funnel like clouds were reportedly seen on Staten Island across The Narrows to Brooklyn by people in the area.

One person died in the storm when it reached New York, her car was crushed by a tree. Others are now being treated in hospitals because of injuries from flying glass. Most damages can be seen all around the Brooklyn area and also in Queens. Traffic is at standstill due to trees falling on roads, mode of public transportations was also halted and this left a lot of commuters stranded.

Although no one can confirm if the storm brought any tornadoes or if any tornado reached landfall, the damage that has been done in Brooklyn and Queens was observed as “like a passing of a tornado”. The U.S. National Weather Service is now investigating further if a tornado has really occurred.

The last tornado to hit Brooklyn was in 2007. During that time the media investigated the link between the tornado occurrence and “global warming”.


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