Tough Mudder Story

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He was a semi finalist in the Harvard Business Schools for its annual business plan a year ago, now, Tough Mudder had been able to prove that his ideas are not just optimistic but is realistic.

Tough Mudder had been competing his business plan about a attracting 500 runners to a race taking mud and over burning bales of straw.

Mudder already had won his company and will be having its first run of Sunday. They had already gathered 4,500 participants each providing $100 each. Runners will take a seven mile obstacle course of muddy hills, cold water and flaming bales of straw at a Ski resort near Allentown Pa. The said event is adopted from others races like Grim Challenge of Britain and The Strongmen run of Germany.

Sunday’s race will really be as exciting and as thrilling offering many obstacles like long slogs up ski slopes, mud, crawling under corrugated pipes and barbed wore, climbing and on a ring of fire as its finale. Runners will not be expecting any price money and will not be timed in this race. All they need to do is finished the race and gain experience and story to tell.


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