True Composer of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Revealed!

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Nowadays, YouTube is sure-fire platform to showcase somebody’s talent, thanks primarily to Justin Bieber. Another unknown young star turned famous overnight is the 13-year old Rebecca Black who sang her song “Friday” via YouTube. It’s just too bad that she’s now famous for being mocked and criticized because of it.

Rebecca Black, a California native first sang in public in 2008 in Celebration USA. Wanting to be a professional singer, she sought the help of Ark Music Factory after a classmate recommended the record label to her. The aspiring singer’s mother, Georgina Kelly, paid the company $2,000 to record the song.

The official video of Rebecca’s debut song, “Friday” was posted in YouTube on February 10 and received about 1,000 views during the first month. The video became viral on March 11 and hit more than a million views due to, unfortunately, countless negative comments and feedback. Black has been vocal on her despair over the public’s acceptance to the song.

Not everyone is hating it though. The song’s composer, Ark Music Factory’s Patrice Wilson is defending his lyrics saying that it essentially have the basic ingredients of a pop song – catchy, simple and sweet. Wilson, a musician-producer from Washington launched the record label four years ago. He’s commending Black on how the young singer is taking the critisms being thrown at her.

Still, negative or otherwise, all the publicity surrounding Black’s debut song “Friday” made it crack to the iTunes Top 100 tracks. The song is currently at Number 69 and steadily rising up.


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