Tsunami Warning For California | News Article

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Just right after Chile’s  8.8 Earthquake massive devastation and Tsunami Warning for Hawaii and other countries and territories across a Pacific Rim radius of thousands of miles, California is also now being warned against Tsunami waves. Noozhawk reports the California tsunami warning 2010 was issued on 8:47 AM Saturday

Based from  tsunami warning 2010 in California, Santa Barbara residents are advised to leave beach, Marina and harbor areas. The dangerous surf conditions are expected to strike Santa Barbara at around 12:30 PM. The California tsunami warning 2010 conditions are a result of the shocking Chile 8.8 earthquake, worst in the history of the country and related tsunami warning for Hawaii.

Because of the threat, many are now warning and are tracking the California tsunami warning 2010 for their friends in the said country. On the other hand, the tsunami warning for Hawaii based from many reports has everyone in the Oahu tsunami zone evacuating..

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a widespread advisory for the Pacific coast going from the California-Mexico border to Alaska. After Hawaii and some other counties, a few hours ago there’s a statement about California tsunami warning 2010 that this should be used as a consideration for those who live across the beach. It’s better to find the nearest evacuation zone.


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