Tsunami Warnings Issued To Countries Across Pacific.

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Not Just Hawaii, but 50 countries and territories across a Pacific Rim radius of thousands of miles is now being warned of possible Tsunamis hit after the devastation it brings to Chile on  1:34 A.M, Eastern time Saturday. It was Chile’s worst earthquake in 50 years.

After a huge earthquake off the coast of Chile, the nation’s destruction and set off a monster wave that was racing across the ocean with a speed of hundreds of miles an hour. It already brings fear to countries near Chile.

Based from reliable source and some predictions, the tsunami is expected to hit Hawaii, 6,700 miles from Chile, as early as 4 p.m. Eastern time producing the highest wave since 1964, and Japan by 10 p.m. Eastern. According to the National Weather Service’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Japan is about 10,700 miles from Chile and 4,000 miles from Hawaii.

There are earlier reports that tsunami waves as high as 6 feet had hit parts of French Polynesia. New Zealand and Australia also are in the tsunami’s projected path. The Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre issued a tsunami warning for the country’s eastern coast, as well as Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island.


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