Eat Twinkies and Junk Food To Lose Weight?

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People say that when you eat junk food, you gain more pounds and be less healthy. But for Mike Haub, a nutrition professor, this could be proven false.

The professor from Kansas State University says that you can lose 27 pounds in just two months by mostly eating cakes and other junk food. This is part of an experiment for his students where you can lose weight not by what you eat, but by how much you are eating. This means that he will eat anything, from junk food to vegetables, but will cut down the calories from 2,600 to 1,800 per day.

Haub tested this on himself, started on what he called “Snack Cake Diet” last August 25 and recorded his results on his Facebook page called “Prof. Haub’s Diet Experiments”. He started at 210 pounds and an “overweight” Body Mass Index of 28.8. His “diet” contained Hostess Twinkies, Little Debbie cakes, Kellog;s corn pops, and Cool Ranch Doritos chips.

The results were quite amazing after two months from the experiment. Haub’s weight dropped to 174, while his BMI dropped to 24.9. His “bad” cholesterol went from 153 to 123, while his “good” cholesterol went up from 37 to 46 points.

Aside from junk food, he also ate some vegetables for his kids, protein shake, multivitamin, and didn’t do any special exercise. That is why, despite the good results of his weight, it still leaves him wondering whether dieting on junk food is good or not.

“What does that mean? Does that mean I’m healthier? Or does it mean how we define health from a biology standpoint, that we’re missing something?” Haub said to CNN as he tried to determine if what he did is even a good diet plan.

According to dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner, you will see that dieting on junk foods is an improvement because your weight has improved as well. So, it’s somewhat psychological since you see that your weight has improved, you may think junk food has improved as well in weight loss. But Blatner does not recommend this diet that Haub has experimented on because “there are things we can’t measure”. One would not know if the lack of vegetables or eating more junk food would affect our body, so even though this worked with Haub, we won’t know if this diet will work on, say, overweight people.

Haub also agrees with Blatner and does not recommend the experiment that he did to just anyone. He is actually stuck in the middle and is frustrated because he cannot find an answer on whether the “Snack Cake Diet” is good or not. Maybe it is how much you eat and lessening the calories, that I agree. But somehow, this is an experiment that is still worth studying.


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