Twitter “People” Tab Feature Review

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Last September, a new Twitter was launched to show that they are making their site better for everyone. But, just when are getting used to the new design, Twitter has launched another feature that will get users to be more interested in the social-networking site.

They are now introducing a new tab called “People”, which can be found beside the Home, Profile and Message tabs of the homepage. This is a good feature for new users who want to find new people to follow, but is hard to do without the “People” tab. This new feature has three parts that will be deemed useful to present and new users.

The first part is where Twitter shows you personalized follow suggestions that are based on the people that you are following. In this way, you know that the person Twitter suggested is somehow safe because you both have a common friend. It shows more accounts to see who else are worth following that are connected with your friend as well.

The second part is the “Browse Interests” tab where you get to pick a topic that you are interested in, and then follow some accounts connected in your interests. With this feature, you get to keep track what people are saying about your interests and join in as well.

The third, but definitely not the least part, is that you can find friends to follow through Gmail, Yahoo, Linkedln, and Hotmail. In this way, you can broaden your friends and even find those long lost friends that you have not seen or contacted for years.

Aside from the three parts, one feature that would be interesting for users if you can view the users that you have recently followed or viewed. Under them, you can see other users that are connected to them, and you can easily follow with just a click of a button. You add the people that are being followed by users you are following. I think you might get the picture. Then you can also invite other users by using the “People” tab, so almost anything you need is available in this tab.

This feature is still in the testing stage, but is available to all users. So expect to see some changers and differences from other Twitter users, but it still has the same sub-features mentioned above. This is a great addition to the new Twitter because it will help other users connect and follow more people that they have common interests with. I hope Twitter comes up with great features in the future to make interaction with each other much more interesting and fun.


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