News Of Two Moons Strikes Again This 2010!

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The email that says we will be seeing two moons is making the rounds again this year. It says that it will be happening on August 27.

The email, which is being spread around every other year, says that the planet Mars will be at its closest position to the earth in a particular day (which is August 27 this year). Supposedly, it will appear to be as the size of our Moon, that’s why the term “two moons.” Indeed, the email takes a tour in emails almost every year—and yet a lot still fall in the trap, waiting for the said two moons.

The truth is, Mars is far from the earth than it could ever be this August 27, 2010. Of course, there would still be some folks who would check out the night sky tomorrow and hope to see two moons. But unfortunately, they will never see the main event happen.

The email started out because of the event back in 2003 (August 27) when Mars did actually pass very close to the Earth. This phenomenon does not happen every year—but for about 60,000 years’ interval.

Now that you know the truth behind the “two moon” phenomenon, you could still go out tomorrow night—not to look up in the sky, but down in the street to check if your neighbors have taken the bait.


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