Tyler Clementi: Victim Of Webcam Voyeurism Commits Suicide

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Last September 22, a Rutgers University student jumped to his death from atop the George Washington Bridge into the raging waters of the Hudson River. The student was identified by the police as Tyler Clementi, 18, a college freshman. His student identification card was found inside his wallet which he left on the top of the bridge prior to his death.

Investigators presume that he committed suicide after a video footage of him having gay sex with someone was announced through the social network Twitter and subsequently released publicly through iChat (a Macintosh app which has live video streaming capabilities). Arrest warrants were issued for two suspects Dharun Ravi, 18, and Molly Wei, 18, whom the police say perpetrated the act of filming the footage.

Upon careful investigation of the footage by the police, it showed that it was filmed in a dormitory inside the school campus last September 19. Ravi, also a student of Rutgers and Clementi’s roommate, and Wei, another student living next door to Clementi and Ravi, streamed the video live into the internet through iChat.

Authorities have charged Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei with two counts of invasion of privacy and additional two counts of the same charge for Ravi’s attempt, which he tweeted, to secretly film the same student having sex three days before the September 19 encounter. The maximum sentence for both suspects, if found guilty by the court, is five years in jail.

Wei is denying that she had anything to do with the incident and that Ravi acted alone. Ravi is out on bail which was set at $25,000 by the court. Preliminary hearings of the case are yet to be confirmed.

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