Ubaldo Jimenez: Pitcher For Colorado Rockies

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Born on January 22, 1984, Ubaldo Jimenez is a pitcher for Colorado Rockies. Colorado Rockies is an American baseball team based in Denver, Colorado established in 1991 and started playing as a team only in 1993 is considered to be one of the youngest in the West Division of the National League Baseball. They took Jimenez as a pitcher and in 2008; Jimenez threw the Major League’s fastest fastball, averaging 94.9 mph.

In 2009, he signed a $10 million dollar deal until 2013-14. In March of the same year, he held the record for the World Baseball Classic single-start strikeout. In April this year he received an award as the National League Pitcher of the Month – only the second in Rockies history to receive the said award.

This June 1, 2010, the Rockies are out to face the San Farancisco Giants. The San Francisco Giants based in San Francisco, USA is a baseball team with star-player Timothy Leroy Lincecum. The Filipino-American MLB player is said to have blister problems. For the record, he has given up 11 runs in a last 9 2/3 innings and during this season, he has also given up 11 in a 56 innings game.

It’s one show to watch and hang on!


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