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Frank Mir just knocked the lights out of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic in the third round of their battle inside the octagon in the Ultimate Fighting Championships 119 (UFC 119) in Indianapolis, Indiana. The crowd was actually looking for an upset but was denied the satisfaction after Mir put Filipovic to sleep with his knee in what was considered to be one of the worst heavyweight matches in UFC history.

The first round starts unimpressively with both fighters trying to have a feel of each other. The fighters exchange blows but could not really make any significant/damaging blows during the round.

The second round starts same as the first round but this time both fighters seemed not to have any ideas how to take each other on, Mir tried grappling, punching, kicking but to no effect. On the other hand, Filipovic just took his blows and retreats back to the cage and referee separates them to restart the fight. After the referee restarts the fight for the third time, the crowd, who were at the threshold of their patience, began booing.

Mir finally regained his composure in the third round and surprised Filipovic by grabbing his head and slamming it on the canvas and pummeling it with his knee. Filipovic was down and never went up as Herb Dean stopped the bout. Surprisingly, it ended just as the third round was getting to a close and the decision of the match was going to the judges. Frank Mir was sensible enough to end the fight or he might have to contend with a very hostile crowd who anticipated a great match.

Prior to the fight, Mir was actually going to fight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the contention of the UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship Belt but Nogueira pulled out due to a knee injury.

Mirko Filipovic was sent as a substitute for the injured Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and had very little time to prepare for the match. In any case he accepted the challenge because of the pay involved. Before the match, Filipovic was already whining about his lack of practice time in preparation for the fight.


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