UFC 121 Results: Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez

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Cain Velasquez was always believed to be destined for greatness. Pressures and expectations were coming at him from every angle because of this. Upon entering mixed martial arts and less than a year in this chosen career, his trainers believed that he could very well be the next world heavyweight champion, and even his teammates agree to this.

The most obvious evidence was when Dana White who is UFC’s president signed him up on the spot after watching his workout session even without first seeing him fight. This put a heavy weight on his shoulders. Before the fight, Velasquez had been undefeated while Brock Lesnar – known as the baddest man in UFC – owned the heavyweight belt.

At the start of the fight Lesnar looked like he was shot out of a canon hurling towards Velasquez and it was evident that he had the upper hand in the game. The tables turned though as Velasquez was then pounding on his opponent’s head. Later on Lesnar was stumbling across the octagon with Velasquez following him and then continuously hitting on him.

At exactly 4:12 of the first round the match was stopped announcing Velasquez as the winner by TKO and naming him the new world heavyweight champion. His hard work paid off in the end and proving that innate talent, when mastered, becomes an undefeated craft.  Now, Velasquez is the “baddest man” in UFC!

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