UFC 122 Results: Okami wins Over Marquardt

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It looks like Nate Marquardt is going to battle his ways up the same steps as before.

Yushin “Thunder” Okami, a Japanese mixed martial arts figher, won over Nate “The Great” Marquardt by unanimous decision on the Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) 122 on Saturday at the Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

Okami barely surpassed Marquardt at the scores of 29-28 at the first round, 29-28 on second round, and 30-27 on the third and last round. On the first round, nothing exciting happened, where jabs and throws were only done and Okami won. On the second round, things got a bit exciting, where it was “literally a grappling match” for both players, but a not so violent one and Marquardt was the lead here. On the third and final round, both players gave it their all and Okami took control as he landed a lot of throws, and finally won on this round. Overall, Okami won and will face the champion of the UFC Middleweight.

This fight was for the right to face UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Okami, who now has 27 wins, 5 losses and 0 knockouts, aims to be the first Japanese UFC champion and be known for his great skills.

Marquardt, on the other hand, expected to have a second shot at Silver, but in the end the judges were for Okami and Marquardt have to his battle all over gain to return where he was before Okami. But despite the loss, he believes that the decision was right and that he deserved to lose.

According to Marquardt, “When he (Okami) was catching up on me, it wasn’t really affecting me, but the judges perceive it as him controlling the fight. I felt I did enough to win, but I wasn’t a spectator. I was in the fight, so it’s hard for me to say”. Still, he feels he is still the best there is and will give all his might to go back up and be the champion one day.

Marquardt felt he was winning when he was fighting because he was landing great shots. He has yet to watch the tape with his coaches to see what really happened. Whatever wrong happened in the fight would, hopefully, help him to become better and go back to the top again.


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