Ugly Betty Star Michael Brea Kills Mother With A Sword

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What kind of person would call her mother the Devil and kill her brutally with a Mason sword? Well, that would be Michael Brea.

The “Ugly Betty” star was arrested in the early hours of the morning for brutally killing his mother, 55-year-old Yannick Brea with a 3-foot Mason sword.

According to the police, before the 31-year old actor killed her mother, he had shouted “Repent, repent, repent!” saying that he saw the Devil in her mother and said that “You (Yannick) never accepted Jesus!”

Police had to restrain and tame Brea when they went inside the apartment, and afterwards saw multiple gashes in Yannick’s head, was declared dead on the scene and the murder was what they could call a “blood bath”. One of the neighbors saw the police getting Michael Brea out of the apartment and said that he looked crazy and deranged.

Michael Brea’s uncle Martial Brea was quite surprised by what happened because he have known his nephew as a quiet and still man. He can only explain that “something happened to him […] the Devil entered him”. In terms of the sword, he said he saw Michael leave the Mason meeting (in which he is member) late Monday night carrying the ceremonial sword. He never thought that something bad would happen that night.

Another issue here is that Yannick could’ve been alive today if the police immediately rushed inside the apartment.

See, before 1:00am, the police received three 911 calls in four minutes and rushed to the scene. The neighbors pleaded to the police to go inside as Yannick was already screaming for help saying “Help! He’s going to kill me!” But police stayed still even if the screaming is getting worse. They left but returned when another 911 came at around 1:59 am, and that was when they got inside and was shown a blood bath.

The victim’s family was furious when they learned about this. “To think my sister was inside, crying for her life, and the police that are supposed to be protecting her are standing at the door,” Serge Mercel, the victim’s older brother, said. “It’s enough to make me sick.”

The commissioner of NYPD Raymond Kelly defended the police saying they did the right thing properly and the reason they did not go inside the apartment immediately because the situation was for the Emergency Serviced Unit to handle. The police who came first backed out from the scene and called the ESU because “this was necessary protocol, because the person appeared dangerous to himself and the officers.”

Michael Brea, on the hand, was taken to the Bellevue Hospital for observation and psychiatric evaluation.



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