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We closed our previous article regarding Senator Mar “Mr. Palengke” Roxas in an intentional vague manner. We received numerous feedbacks, both positive and negative, and we really appreciated all of them. Our role is to educate and expose evidences that are most of time “miss” by our fellow Pinoys. These fragments of truth will either “unmask” or “uplift” the image of the candidate. From there, YOU and only YOU could decide if these “would be” public servants are worthy of your votes. Do you want changes? So do we.

TV-Ads campaign of Mr. Palengke (Mr. Wet Market)

We have been tracking Sen. Mar’s gregarious activities and ad campaigns from 2004 to present. Did you remember the theme of his 2004 senatorial ad? Yes! He used, I mean HIS friends adapted the song Mr. Suave (taken from the band Parokya ni Edgar) to suit then DTI Sec. Roxas’ senatorial campaign. It was via this TV-ad that his nickname Mr. Palengke was known. What can you say about this ad? it was light? funny? entertaining? hilarious? AMEN to all of that brother! We agree.

Let’s fast forward to 2009, what do you notice on the theme of his TV-ad campaign? dramatic? palaban? (rebellious), rough? AMEN again to that brother! His TV-ads now seems to show how poor, abused, maltreated and neglected Filipinos are. It’s true, but were we better in 2004? Are we seeing a “different” Mr. Palengke now?

Padyakitos with Mar Roxas.flv_000017014 Padyakitos with Mar Roxas.flv_000015443

Mar Roxas Padyak Ad 2.flv_000009943Mar Roxas Padyak Ad 2.flv_000026159

Pinoys are known to be sympathetic, patriotic and idealistic, nothing wrong with that. However, most of the time these good qualities are abused for the advantage of the politicians. There are always two sides of the coin, it doesn’t mean that the campaign ads ALWAYS show what the candidate has in mind.

Your Brain can see what your Eyes cannot

We compared Mr. Palengke’s 2004 ad campaign and his recent TV-advertisements. From a layman’s perspective, we could only think of a single word, DESPERATION.


These are the reasons why we think Sen. Mar Roxas is acting desperately to WIN the Presidential seat in 2010. You could even notice a “Pattern” on his political ad if you look closely.


As we said, Mar’s campaign ads were about poverty and misery of the people with him being depicted as “Bayani ng Masa” (Hero of the People). In our opinion, this was more like garnering “brownie” points on the majority of poor Filipinos , who compose approximately 60% of the population. It was Traditional and Cheap.

If you don’t believe me watch his two(2) recent advertisements in Youtube. First one was entitled Padyakitos while the second was Padyak 2.


He has been an active advocate of “Anti-chacha” (Anti Charter Changes) rallies against current President Arroyo. On December 12, 2008 a usual anti-chacha rally was held at the Makati CBD (Central Business District). Mar Roxas gave an impromptu (or maybe not) speech before the crowd. See video below.(Caution: the following video you are about to see may contain harsh and offensive language)

The context was basically summarizing the desperation poor Filipinos are getting into just to have food to eat. On the latter part of his speech he mentioned how he abhorred “cha-cha” and President Arroyo’s alledge move of lengthening her term. The climax was when he uttered profanity after stating his disappointment on GMA. He then later admitted that he said it “intentionally”, hmmm… Was he trying to “connect” with the Rich? (No) Middle class? (No) how about poor? (possible!!). Even if you’re not an expert in Math having 60% of the population on your side is an advantage. Whatever it takes brother!

s PUTANGINA at the anti-cha-cha Rally, Makati CBD Dec 12, 08.flv_000002636 s PUTANGINA at the anti-cha-cha Rally, Makati CBD Dec 12, 08.flv_000139461 s PUTANGINA at the anti-cha-cha Rally, Makati CBD Dec 12, 08.flv_000149950 s PUTANGINA at the anti-cha-cha Rally, Makati CBD Dec 12, 08.flv_000172472

I guess he could have won an acting award for this 3-minute video. Profane words proclaimed in public are reserved for “unprofessional” and uncouth individuals, but our Senator didn’t think twice! He is willing to stoop down to that level? Is he really that D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E to become the President? You tell me.


I was watching the evening news and the hot topic was about President Arroyo’s SONA 2009. Suddenly, I saw a news video clip of a man on shirt and slacks aiding the flow of traffic at Commonwealth Ave. Quezon city. The man was soaking wet due to heavy rains and… looks very familiar! Did you know who I am talking about? Yes folks, the man was none other than Sen. Mar. Roxas.

as assists motorists while in traffic due to the SONA rally..flv_000005539 as assists motorists while in traffic due to the SONA rally..flv_000006940 as assists motorists while in traffic due to the SONA rally..flv_000013614 as assists motorists while in traffic due to the SONA rally..flv_000017784

He was not with other Senators and Congressmen watching Gloria’s SONA but on the streets, “being with the people”. Watch this video if you missed it!

Did you notice the way he guided the automobiles? Any problem with his hand signals? The senator should have asked for a crash course from the police officer before volunteering for this job. Well, it seems alright with Mr. Palengke since his motto is “Whatever it takes!”

Can you see the Pattern?

Do the analysis. All his campaigns and rallies were connected to the “poorest of the poor” or the Masa. He wanted to appear as the “Champion of the Poor”, WHY NOT? 60% of the Philippine population consists of poor people majority of which are in slums. If Mr. Palengke would be able to get the MAJORITY of the population on his side he will be a sure winner.

The Senator doesn’t mind going against the current government and speaking profanity on public, the “Dirtier” the better. Even his marriage with Journalist Korina Sanchez. We have nothing against that, but do you think it is too coincidental that they will get married JUST before the 2010 elections? (Do you still think Erap is innocent?).

Wrap up

Everything seems so obvious and well planned. Though, it seems Roxas has been “slipping” a lot of words lately. Perhaps, even He doesn’t understand what he is doing right now. Why of course, acting and being a public servant is different.

As they say, “the body follows what the mind is thinking”. There could be more than this, though, we are not capable of knowing that. Only time will reveal what are Mr. Palengke’s True intentions.

For now, be vigilant and don’t be blinded by acting and showmanship on print and TV campaign ads. Always look with your brains and not with your eyes.


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