Up to the Mountain Song On American Idol

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The “Up to the mountain song” is a song which was originally sung and composed by Patty Griffin as a country folk song. The song was an off-shoot of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” in 1968 which was followed a day after by his assassination.

Griffin first sung the song at her concert in 2005 with the accompaniment of her guitar and a band’s electric guitar. Solomon Burke, a friend of King sang it in 2006 with Griffin as backup singer as a prayer song. In 2007, Griffin again took her stance and she recorded it with Ian McLagan’s piano which became a slower version.

This song gained stardom again when Kelly Clarkson sung it at the American Idol and Idol Gives Back intended for African charity and Hurricane-related incidences brought by hurricane Katrina. When Kelly sung this song, Jeff Beck accompanied her. This in turn received a standing ovation by the audience and was highly praised by Simon Cowell, a judge at the Americal Idol now on his last judging season.

But on Tuesday night, May 25, 2010, Crystal Bowersox perfectly hit the high notes with the same song. Crystal Bowersox is one of the two remaining idols at American Idol, a search for singing solo performers, who wowed the audience and the judges with a soul, gospel and folk tinged voice. See video clip below to evaluate Crystal Bowersox’s performance.


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  1. Art Miller says:

    Crystal shoud be the next American Idol.

    But her performance of UTTM can't hold a candle to Kelly's back in 2007.

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