UPS Package Scare In Brooklyn: False Alarm?

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A suspicious-looking UPS truck caused panic and fear in Brooklyn, New York as police encircled the area of the loading dock of 4 MetroTach yesterday before noon. The said truck contained a pair of suspicious envelopes that was linked to an international terror plot in Chicago synagogues. This led to the evacuation of people and the closing of the Manhattan Bridge.

The NYPD, FBI and FDNY encircled the loading area while police helicopters filled the skies before noon, as panicked workers and civilians passed by. Most of the people don’t know why they were evacuated in the first place and told to stay away.

“We have no idea what’s going on. They just told us to go out and get away from the building. I’m so scared,” according to Joanne Attza. She is working at JPMorgan on the fourth floor.

The reason for the panic was when a terror plot was discovered to threaten two Chicago synagogues and the shipment originated in Yemen—and that it had already reached Brooklyn, according to the law enforcements.

The NYPD bomb squad found the two envelopes inside the truck that originated from Yemen, but after a few moments, both were declared harmless. The envelopes came from Yemen to Kennedy Airport and contained bank receipts and papers.

Hours later, another letter was found in the Working Family Party’s office, blocks away from Metro Tech, and contains white powder addressed to the organization. This triggered an evacuation of 50 workers. After the substance was tested, it was found to be non toxic.

The scare lasted for six hours and ended at around 11:30 PM.

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