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Behind every good football team is a great coach, and most teams would be nothing without the guiding hand of their coach. This is why coaches who are good at their job are very highly prized, and very much recognized. Urban Meyer is one of those coaches who is great at his job and has been leading the Florida Gators to victory for a long time. And now, he has decided to resign to pay more attention to his own issues rather than the games.

Urban Meyer health

On December 5, 2009 after Alabama beat the Florida Gators, Meyer was sent to the hospital with chest pains, showing that he had a problem. He is 45 years old and has coached through five seasons and garnered two national titles through his career. Three weeks after the incident, he announced that he was stepping down from coaching college football. His last game will be at the Sugar Bowl against Cincinnati, held on New Year’s Day.

Meyer’s decision to step down from coaching college football was hard for him, but he had to prioritize his health, family, and faith over the sport that he spent a lot of his life on. He was very committed to football coaching and he will be missed. But everyone who has worked with him understands and supports his decision, and he will hopefully live a long life and a happy on at that.


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