Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10: Download and Torrent

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Vampire Diaries S02E10

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The Sacrifice

Reader’s Opinion:

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Donna Kathleen from Switzerland

“I must admit I am one of those girls who likes a good sci-fi movies but never it had occurred to me that I would be that person who will fall for the alluring persona of the vampire diaries. I thought it was only a fascination that I could just control but somehow I realized it’s something deeper that I can’t help myself but to anticipate it every Thursday night. The only thing that I can say now is a big thanks to this website and to its entire staff who continues to support this tv-series on each episode. I just hope one day, we’ll have a happy ending for Stefan and Elena.”

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 episode 10 will have a delay of two weeks and it will be first aired on December 2 (USA time), you can expect the download link to be up shortly. While waiting, you can see the last episode (vampire diaries season 2 episode 9)

Link: Download it now HDTV quality

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28 Responses for “Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10: Download and Torrent”

  1. Marsha says:

    OMG! I can’t wait to watch it! Love this show! Thanks so much!

  2. Jax says:

    Hi there,
    The link isn't available

  3. eli says:

    Thanks but yep there was some error of link.

  4. ehsan says:

    so where is the LINK ?!

    why isn’t it available ?!

  5. Jax says:

    No – the words are there but there is no link attached to it.

  6. salama ghalaitah says:

    waiting 4 the link :(

  7. jo says:

    if you read it, it says it isn’t aired until dec 2nd (bit of a hint there ;) )

  8. kazanova says:

    when will the new episode wil be on air ?

  9. salama ghalaitah says:

    yea its right !!! XD, so we have to wait untill 2nd of Dec

  10. rose says:

    hard to wait isn't it? :)

  11. OxG =] says:

    Tired of wait ><

    I want to think u for the all episodes =] , thank u thank u

    I'm so Exciting Xp .

  12. Joe says:

    why is there a 2 week gap??

  13. Monica says:

    Thanks for all the episodes
    you're my hero!
    When's the next one on??

  14. ehsan says:

    it’s dec 2 and still there is no sign of a LINK !!!

    I downloaded it from other sites but it says it needs a password and I really don’t know how to get the password !

    could someone tell me how ! or at least tell me where is this site’s link now ?!

  15. mii says:

    it's dec 2nd IN USA TIME! If you don't live in usa, it will be there on the socond day

  16. srutz says:

    Thanks for all the episods…
    waiting for the link to come in.
    y isn't link available yet ??

  17. srutz says:

    mii…… thank you for your information

  18. randomdude says:

    I think the link will come available tonight, just a guess though

  19. chacha says:

    dumb poos. just be patient.

  20. phil says:

    dec 3, still no link…

  21. ganda says:

    yay! its finally up you guys! astig talaga ang pinoy! =)

  22. nasif says:

    thanks alot

  23. rose says:

    links up

  24. Sara from Norway says:


  25. Ankita says:

    hiiiii I m ankita from India …….this is one of thefavourite show among youngsters i really like this show……bust the sad part of this serial is this Damon likes Alina but he didn't get her so we wish for their happy ending ……

  26. rose says:

    great episode!

  27. alba says:

    Thank u, thank u, thank u soo much…:PP I can't wait to watch it :) )

  28. Laura says:

    tnx alot but where is episode 11 ? pls answer

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