Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 7: Download and Torrent

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Vampire Diaries S03E7

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Ghost World

Reader’s Opinion:

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Vanessa Del Rio From Mexico.

Even when I was in kindergarten, I always have the knack to predict the events that will happen on a movie. I know this may sound strange for a five year old; likewise, the thing that bores me the most is whenever I knew how a show will end just by watching the half of it. This is the reason why I turned to watching horror movies because they are unpredictable and thrills me the most. This story is like a segue on my secret adoration with vampires which connects to my fascination with TVD. I know some of you might say the show is for “teens” and is not under the “horror” category but still, there’s something really cute when you see the usual vampires who sucks blood normally on movies tend to become beautiful and handsome characters on a show you can watch every week. As for me, this is the real reason why I like Vampire Diaries. Here’s hoping that its directors will continue to polish its story as the months go by for this season.

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We have  some good news for fans who are wondering if this episode will be delayed or not as CWTV announced this show will have the same release date on October 27 in United States. For the meantime, you can download all its past episodes or, check out last week’s show (vampire diaries season 3 episode 6).

Link: Download it now HDTV quality

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  1. mariana says:

    That's one hell of a creepy pic of Elena Mr. O.P! Thanks for this post and I'll be waiting for this on Fast-TV :D

  2. randolf says:

    I do hope this one will arrive on October without any delays…

  3. sofia says:

    I love Elena!! ty for this update

  4. samantha says:

    Yep, no delays please……..

  5. sandy says:

    This episode is about to arrive a couple of hours from now… thanks for this :-)

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