Vic Chesnutt Dead | News Update

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Vic Chestnutt was one of the world’s most loved and respected singer and songwriter, and he was just reported to have died while in a coma. Most people believe that the coma was induced by a suicide attempt. He left the world at the young age of 45. He died on December 25, 2009, a few hours after he slipped into the coma.

Vic Chesnutt

Vic started out in Georgia, and recently he wrote songs for bands like Fugazi, Silver Mt.Zion Orchestra, and other bands like Cracker, M.Ward, and Cowboy Junkies. In 1996 he got very famous around the world because his songs were being sung by very famous bands like R.E.M., Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, and even Madonna. The songs were sung for a Sweet Relief album which donated money to musicians who didn’t have health insurance.

Unfortunately for Vic, at the age of 18 he got into a car accident and was permanently confined to a wheelchair and had many other bad side effects. He was having trouble with paying for his hospital bills earlier this year, and was also caught with substance abuse. This could be one of the reasons for his suicide. He left the world with 13 different albums, one of which was released this year called “At the Cut”.


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