Video Game Addict Gets Life In Prison For Beating Baby To Death!

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First, a mother kills her child because he interrupted her playing of Farmville. Now there is a guy version where he kills a baby girl because she was interrupting her in a game of Xbox.

Gary Alcock, a 28-year-old guy who lives in Manchester, England and is an Xbox 360 addict, killed the 15-month-old daughter of her girlfriend by beating up the baby so many times.

It happened when the baby, Violet Mullen, was crying just like any other babies who needed something from their parents. When nobody paid attention to her, she cried more and this angered Alcock, who was playing Xbox at that time. In his rage, he got Violet and punched and slapped her. The final straw that killed her was a punch in the stomach by Alcock, which crushed almost all of her internal organs.

This incident took place right at the moment when Alcocks girlfriend, 22-year-old Claire Flanagan, was just inside the house and turned a blind eye on the bullying. It was said that she did not stop her boyfriend from beating up Violet because she was desperate for him to stay with her.

When Violet was brought to the autopsy though, they found out that she had 38 injuries in her face and body, suffered internal injuries such as cracked ribs and brain damage. It turned out that Alcock had been beating up poor Violet even before her death by slapping, punching and pinching the baby. And all this time, Flanagan never reported these incidents.

And because of what the couple did, each had their own sentencing, done by Judge Clement Goldstone. Alcock received a sentence of life imprisonment and have to stay in behind bars for 21 years before he is eligible for parole. The judge followed the sentencing by saying, “This was the way you chose to cope with a demanding little girl who demanded your attention and interrupted your time-consuming hobby of playing computer games.” Flanagan, who denied that she even knew of the abuse, has been pardoned for murder but is given 5 years in jail for allowing her daughter’s death and showing signs of abuse.

Weeks before the death of violet, some social workers have kept watch over the mother and daughter. When one came to see how they were, she observed that little Violet was so frightened with her mother’s boyfriend.

Vinnie Chadwick, senior investigating officer of the case, said that Gary Alcock was “a selfish, bullying man who took away the life of an innocent child who he had the responsibility to care for.

This is really sad news for someone like me who loves kids and could never lift a hand at them. There are people out there who are so obsessed with their video gaming that they don’t care about anyone anymore. I am not saying video games are bad because I play them too. I hope people out there would control their obsession with it that they will never hurt people ever.

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