Vito & Nicks Pizza – Simply The Best!

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Food lovers and pizza addicts found Vito & Nicks Pizza as simply one of a kind- offering its best in getting thin crust pizza on South Chicago specifically at  8433 South Pulaski Road. Vito & Nicks Pizza restaurant is bow well-known among pizza lovers and can be found near Ashburn Chicago. They have expertise in Italian Fine Dining and also Thin Crust Pizza.

Vito & Nick’s Pizzeria is a family business that has been in service since 1950’s. They only accept cash, and unfortunately no service delivery like the usual pizza house. Many love their services despite the fact that they have only two sizes small and large pizza. What made it more unique among any other is that the establishment hasn’t been renovated since 1970’s so you might either like or hate the area!

According to one customer, she’s not fan of walls covered with old brown carpets as Vito & Nicks Pizza interior design but he is a regular customer just for the pizza and their sausage. But for sports fans it might be a good experience the thin pizza is really good and there are lots of plasma screens and lots of regulars. Those who want to experience Vito and Nicks Pizza contact them at 773-735-2050.


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