Where is Chuck Norris? With Justin Bieber | Celebrity

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Chuck Norris is subject to internet memes all the time, and he has had many thing said about him and his supposedly legendary skills. For example, he is said to have counted to infinity… twice. This is not the first bunch of Chuck Norris facts made, and it is said that these facts were based on Vin Diesel facts. One of Vin Diesel’s “facts” includes that when Vin Diesel swims, he does not get wet but the water gets Vin.

chuck Norris

Recently, Chuck Norris facts have been given more attention since Justin Bieber, a famous teen pop singer, started the “facts” again, in order to promote his new single “Baby”. He started tweeting on his twitter account things like “Chuck Norris bought ‘Baby’ on iTunes infinity times … twice.

And Bieber even posted a PhotoShop edited picture of him and Chuck Norris, with him saying “Buy ‘Baby.’ Chuck Norris says you should!”

Bieber is working on his newest album as well as the music video for ‘Baby’. Included in his album “My World” is Golden Tickets which will grant winners a spot in his video or a private concert. He will be busy with his activities, but apparently not too busy to hang out with Chuck Norris.


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