Who will be our next President?

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As we near the May 2010 election mark, things are pretty heating-up. Several presidential wannabes have either went public and proclaimed their candidacy or some prefer to be passive and letting the public “encourage” them to run. Whatever reasons they may have, we Pinoys should know and scrutinize thoroughly those potential candidates who might end-up as our new President. Here are the faces of probable candidates we may see “posted” on our backyards and fences.  Check them out.

1) Among Eddie Panlilio (You won’t miss him for someone else)


2) Bayani Fernando (Is He a real HERO??)


3) Jejomar Binay (Mayor of Makati City)


4) Manny Villar (with many advertisements under his belt.. will he be the Next Big Star?)


5) Mar “Mr. Palengke” Roxas (“Anak….. ako na…”)


6) Noli “Kabayan” De Castro (Is he next in line to the seat?)


So WHO is your bet? …..… NO idea?

No need to worry because we will post a marathon of news and information on each one of them for you to have a better look and judgment.  We also encourage our fellow pinoy students and citizens to give articles and information (no matter how dirty they are) on these candidates. Do not be SHY nor AFRAID, because we have the right to know.


5 Responses for “Who will be our next President?”

  1. shiela says:

    hahaha, nakakatuwa naman mga mukha ng magiging presidente natin lols

  2. US4life says:

    Ang hirap kasi puro porma lang ung mga kakandidato. Hindi mo na tuloy alam kung totoo sinasabi nila… Hehehe, buti na lang wala ako sa Pilipinas.. Goodluck sa nyo!

  3. Eric Cabatu says:

    What happen to Mr. Panlilio’s face? Anyone here knows? para sya naghilamos ng suka… =) (Peace Ed!)

  4. Villaroyo says:

    The Phil President 2010 election goes to be the center of controversy nowadays, lot of survey results from various sources are showed-up to know the standing of the presidentiables, and it appears to be a close fight between noynoy aquino and manny villar. One Political party can create Black propaganda against opposing candidate to hurt one’s ranking. One of the recent is “Villaroyo”.

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