Why do people hate you? video: A Fourth-Grader Asked Obama

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It’s said that if you want to see the real world, you got to look at it using the eyes of a child.


Today (October 16, 2009) at town hall event in New Orleans. US President Barrack Obama seems to have received a question millions of people are now dying to ask, coming from the mouth of a fourth- grade student (Terrence Scott) Here’s the question:

terrence scott “Why do people hate you?” followed by “They’re supposed to love you”

Obama cheerfully replied, “That’s what I’m talking about”. Then followed by a definite answer:

Well first of all, I did get elected president so not everybody hates me now, but so what is true is if you’re watching TV lately, it seems it’s like everybody is getting mad all the time, and uhm. I think you’ve got to take what’s the grain of salt and some of it is called politics.where you know, once one party wins, then the other party kind of gets…feels like it needs to poke you a little bit to keep you on your toes.”And so you shouldn’t take it too seriously,”

President Obama continues: “And then, sometimes, as I said before, people just ..I think they’re worried about their own lives. A lot of people are losing their jobs right now. A lot of people are losing their health care or they’ve lost their homes to foreclosure, and they’re feeling frustrated. And when you’re president of the United States, you know, you’ve got to deal with all of that.”

“You get some of the credit when things go good. And when things are going tough, then, you know, you’re going to get some of the blame, and that’s part of the job,” he continued. “But, you know, I’m a pretty tough guy.”

Are you a tough guy? You look pretty tough.”

“You’ve just got to keep on going, even when folks are criticizing you, because — as long as you know that you’re doing it for other people, all right?”

After the answer, Obama Thanked the boy and said, you’re a fine young man I appreciate you. Alright, give Terrence a big round of applause!

Here’s the whole video:

It’s funny when you are watching the 0:07 mark, Obama said “Hey there’s a big guy.. C’mon man!”.

I bet you never heard a U.S President who spoke like that before huh? That tone of Obama kind of sounded like the “Obama calling Kanye West a jack-ass!” video. Priceless as we may say.

With all the criticizing and hardships Obama is facing today, it’s normal that you get all the blame especially when your country is facing one of the biggest economic recession in its history. As critiques said, “It would take more than superman to bring USA on a good shape” But as Obama said to the kid, “He is a tough-guy!”

Are you?

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