Wikileaks’ Amazon Servers Terminated

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It looks like US is really planning to put a stop to Wikileaks as, little by little, the government is calling on companies to boycott the website. And it starts with Amazon. withdrew in hosting the Wikileaks website due to the political pressure of the US government. Just only after 24 hours since the staff of the chairman of the Senate’s committee on homeland security, Joe Lieberman, contacted Amazon, the company announced to the public that it will cut off hosting Wikileaks.

And because of this, Wikileaks had to go get their hosting from Sweden. They were disappointed by what Amazon had done and argued that this was against the freedom of speech on the US constitution’s first amendment. If Amazon was “so uncomfortable with the first amendment, they should get out of the business of selling books”.

Because of Amazon suddenly cutting their hosting, Wikileaks was unavailable yesterday in the US and Europe until they have switched to a new host that accepts the requests for data. What Amazon did is something that the US government would want and even applaud for.

Liberman also said that what Amazon did should set an example to other companies who support Wikileaks and also distribute their illegal documents. He is calling these companies and organizations to terminate their relationship with the whistleblower site.

The US government is indeed getting furious by what Wikileaks is doing, which is publishing documents that were gotten from anonymous sources and leaks. Most of the conservatives are considering its founder, Julian Assange as a spy, while others are calling Wikileaks ridiculous. But there are also some who believe some of the leaks may be true, especially those that had to do with the war in Iraq.

Wikileaks has been doing a bit of harm in some of the powerful leaders of the world, and the US government is getting effected by it. For me, it would be good to investigate the site first before terminating, plus finding the founder itself. In this way, the government would be able to find out the truth.



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