Wikileaks Chat On Facebook and Twitter Is a No-No for Students

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Columbia University’s students might have to think twice in chatting in Facebook or tweeting in Twitter when it comes to Wikileaks…or they might not have a job in the government in the future.

An email from the School of International and Pubblic Affairs’ Office of the Career Services had come out last Tuesday saying that a State Department official had warned students on talking about Wikileaks on Twitter or post links on Facebook. If this happens, the prospects of working in the government will be endangered as this means you are not responsible enough to deal with confidential information.

It was said that the official was an alumnus of Columbia University.

This means that student must not type a word about the whistleblowing site as he or she could say goodbye in working for the government.

But when asked by the spokesperson of the State Department, Philip J Crowley denied that an advice was given to people outside of the State Department. Yes, they have instructed the employees not to access Wikileaks as they are still classified as classified information, but there have been no instructions in spreading this action to the public.

After the statement though, Columbia has confirmed with the New York Times that an email was sent from their office. But even though that happened, Crowley says that “If an employee of the State Department sent such an email, it does not represent a formal policy position.”

Indeed, Wikileaks actions of publishing unauthorized documents to the public have angered powerful leaders and other important people, and the US government is doing everything to put a stop to it. One of the actions they are doing is telling companies connected to the site to cut off their ties. Amazon and Paypal have done that this week.

If the email is indeed true and indeed talking about Wikileaks on social networking sites will endanger student from getting jobs in the government, then I think this is totally unfair. It does not mean that even though they are talking about the whistleblowing site, they cannot be trusted by the government. This is an unfair judgment and should be thought about by the government.


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