Wikileaks “Insurance” File Will Unleash Secrets If Taken Down?

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Indeed, nothing can still stop Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, from revealing unclassified documents to the public.

It was revealed that Assange has a back up file in case Wikileaks is taken file, or what others call “insurance or doomsday file”. This file contains all the leaked documents in unredacted form and contains the filename insurance.aes256.

This file is more than just a gigabyte and has a 256-digit pass code. Earlier this year, this file was revealed by Assange saying that the file can be opened if they (Wikileaks) gave out the password. If the file becomes available to the public, it could be a disaster for the US government and other powerful countries.

According to a London-based security expert, Ben Laurie, he believes Assange is a smart man and would do everything to stop people from going against him. The insurance file that was revealed now is a great tactic.

For the government, they are now calling Assange a “high-tech terrorist” because his revealing leaked documents can get a lot of people killed. For now, Wikileaks is struggling to survive as Amazon and Paypal has cut their ties from them. They now have moved servers to France and Switzerland and their servers sometimes went down. Assange, on the other hand, is still hiding from the assault charges and his lawyers are denying that he raped two women in Sweden.

All I can say is indeed, Assange won’t be stopped when it comes to his precious Wikileaks. If this insurance file thing is true, then he US government must prepare themselves for the worst. They better keep their eyes open now because once these leaked documents become more available to the public, many people are going to be in danger.



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