Worm Grunting Discovery Channel Exposed | Video demo

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We’ve all heard of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel, and a lot of the jobs we see are very dirty indeed. Some of the jobs we’ve seen are ones we’ve already heard of like sewer cleaners or plumbers, but there are some dirty jobs that we’ve never heard of and worm grunting is one of them.

worm grunting job worm grunting

Worm grunting involves the use of a wooden stake in which is stuck into the ground and a rooping iron which worm grunters use to rub the stob (wooden stake) and create vibrations in the soil. This attracts worms to the stob, as the grunting brings the earthworms to the surface of the ground. which are caught and sold in bait stores. Gary Revell is a worm grunter who has been out in the Apalachicola National Forest for over fifty years with a 3-foot wooden stob and a rooping iron.

The tradition of worm grunting has been in his family since his great-grandfather started it. It used to be popular after it was commercialized, but now there are very few people who still worm grunt. Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs is going to interview him and try out worm grunting, and hopefully they’ll be able to catch some worms and show the world what worm grunting is.  See this video demo from AP to know how it is done!


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