Wytheville Hostage Crisis: One Identified

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Last Wednesday, December 23, 2009, a group of people in a Virginia post office were held hostage by a man with a gun and lots of explosives. No one is sure of the number of hostages, but they say they are about five or more. They were held up at 2:30pn according to the Mayor, Trent Crewe. So far, no one has been injured despite the sounds of gunshots coming from the building.

wytheville hostage

Today, the police left food for the hostages at the post office and the gunman brought the food to them. The hostages were allowed to eat, hopefully. One of them was identified as Jim Oliver Jr. who was able to speak with his mother. She said that he was exhausted.

The gunman was described in different ways and since the witnesses didn’t see him at the same time, no one knows which reports are accurate. Some say that he was in a wheelchair and he had explosives strapped to him, and other people say that he walked in while pushing a wheelchair.

Everyone is prepared to face the worst case scenario, as everyone within the immediate vicinity has been asked to evacuate and businesses asked to close. There is also a Red Cross shelter there, and the nearby hospitals are prepared at all times for an emergency.


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