Xerox Smart Document Review Table: Video Demo

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If you are the type of person who has a piles of paper in your desk and you don’t know if they will ever disappear, then you’ll be happy to know that Xerox has solved that kind of problem.

Xerox has invented the prototype “smart document” review system where the users can gather around a table top display that is touch-screen and sort documents by just moving your fingers around the screen. The table is 150 times larger than that of the iPhone or the iPad so a lot of people can gather around to sort the documents from the most important to the least.

This was developed by the researchers of the Xerox Research Centre Europe in order for people to put together similar documents. They can be piled together, set aside in one corner, and be put side-by-side for comparison just like it is done manually, but this time all documents are in digital forms. Then the system can know what kinds of documents are important by pointing to it the relevant documents. Once done, the system automatically arranges the documents and sorts out all the millions of files in just a fraction of the time that you do it manually.

See video demo below:

The system has yet to be improved as Xerox are targeting that this will be used in medical, legal, pharmaceutical and financial industries. One of the examples given is when this is used in the legal industry; the system can sort the evidences that are important in cases and set aside those that are irrelevant.

The review document system is a still going through the testing stage before it becomes available to the public. There is still no release date, but people have to look out for updates.


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