Yellow Jacket: Madan Tamang Killing On Video

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What is a yellow jacket? Seemingly put together, it is as jacket that is colored yellow. But today, it takes on a new meaning.

It is a video of the killing of the leader of All India Gorkha League President Madan Tamang in Darjeeling was posted on You Tube which was two minutes and thirty seven seconds long. It was taken by a French tourist who made the video with his mobile camera from his hotel’s window pane.

The said video shows “a man wearing a yellow jacket holding a kukri running towards the pool in which the dead body of Tamang colored by blood was lying.”

The video will provide significant evidence in the inquiry to find the people who are involved in the assassination of Tamang. However the authenticity of the video was being questioned by CID detectives.

Following the scrutiny, the killer was identified to be Kayla, who is a notorious contract killer who established his identity as a leader of GJM. He is known for being involved in heinous crimes like murder.

The CID detectives have said he was missing from his village Darjeeling and are thinking that he might be near the border area of Sikkim. The video is released as a Facebook group saying, “Darjeeling wants peace and not violence”.


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