Zsa-Zsa Gabor’s leg was amputated to saver her life

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The surgeon of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s amputated her right leg last Friday because of a large, deep lesion that had been resistant to antibiotics. The surgeon needed to amputate her leg because of the further infection that might spread if the condition gets worse.

But Dr. David Rigberg claimed that she seemed to tolerate it well in her frail condition. At 93, she might not get the fast recovery from this condition. The doctors from the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center didn’t come out successful to cure her for two weeks that’s why last Friday they have decided to amputate Gabor’s right leg above the knee.

Last November, she was hospitalized for her swollen right leg which was at first believed to be because of blood clot. She was diagnosed to have had an infection which is thought first to be a case of blood clot.

The accident happened when the car she was riding on together with her hairdresser crushed into a light pole on Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. Gabor’s been on a wheelchair since 2002′s car accident.

Let’s just hope for Stewart’s fast recovery. The condition is not easy especially for the not so young, Zsa Zsa Gabor. More updates will be provided soon about her case. Get well soon Zsa Zsa!

(credit: dailymail.co.uk)


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